Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I've been working on...

Not exactly the same kinds of things I usually post, but I wanted to share with you my most favorite piece of furniture, ever!!

I envisioned this in my head for months.... I knew I wanted (and needed) a hutch for additional storage in the kitchen at the new house. I searched Craigslist over and over again- I'd find a great piece but too pricey. I'd find something within my price range, but too big for my space.

Then, I found the perfect piece!! It rained the day we were suppose to go get it- and she had two others coming to look. I was soooo upset. I told myself whats meant to be is to be.

She e-mailed me the next AM and said that she decided to save it for us. Whether or not this is true, I do not care. I was thrilled!! We closed on our house that day and then headed over to pick it up. It was the very first NEW HOUSE purchase- and it was perfect!!

I, sadly, didn't take any before pictures (I did take some in progress, but thats no fun!)... but here she is in all her glory!
I love her!!

Adorable fork, spoon & knife drawer pulls... I have a large fork and spoon from the current house that I am spraying yellow to add to the kitchen, too. I figured it would tie in and be super cute! ;)

The top hutch... I wanted something with doors ( I may eventually remove the glass and put in chicken wire!) and an openng where the hutch and buffet met to place plates (I have several awesome colors of Fiesta dishes I want to display)! An added bonus... I place to hang glasses and a small drawer for extra space!

 Aganist the walls... they are two shades apart and I like how the hutch really pops... I will be adding sunflower yellow as a main accent color; along with shamrock green, lemongrass, cobalt blue & more turquoise!

From another angle... I didn't take any good close up shots, but I did distress it all over to give it an aged look. Perfect for the look I am going for throughout the new house!

And a rooster... from my fabulous Daddy!! I love them, and they are said to bring good luck. :)

Hope you all enjoyed seeing one of the things thats been keeping me so busy lately!!