Wednesday, April 25, 2012

100th Sale Giveaway!

I wanted to do something GREAT to mark the 100th Etsy sale for my shop!

I treated the 100th sale person to a full party decor pack, but I felt like I needed to share the love even MORE...

Here is YOUR chance to win one of THREE other prizes!!
#1) Party Pack (Mini Banner, 8 invites w/envelopes, 8 TY notes, 12 cupcake toppers & 1 centerpiece flag)
#2) Large Banner
#3) 12 cupcake toppers & 12 Favor Tags

Details: The prizes "expire" May 31st of 2013. They are only redeemable thru me. You CAN upgrade the party package to add on extra items and you may swap out some items for others- it's up to my discretion, however. All prize orders are subject to my current availability and/or wait list. The large banner can be any theme in the shop OR custom, but cannot exceed 30 spaces. The cupcake toppers & favor tags can again be ANY theme, but they must match.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

{Rainbows & Rain} Grace turns THREE!

We celebrated my baby girl turning THREE yesterday... here is the LONG list of fabulous details!

I decided on an April Showers theme BEFORE her 2nd birthday! I was siked to do it, being that her bday is IN April. Then the amazing Jenny of Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line did one for her little man. I was smitten, and a bit freaked out to "compete" with such an amazing party. I quickly decided that I wanted to add rainbows. I had already picked a very muted color palette, however. And, when I went to Asheville, NC for my friends' wedding in August I had gotten a chance to shop at Bake it Pretty and I bought a few berry boxes, egg cartons, and bags that I still wanted to use. It took me forever to even come up with the invite, ideas in my head, etc. I love Pinterest and I created a board for my "April Showers" party ideas. Pretty soon, I changed the theme to "Rainbows & Rain". I made the muted palette a little brighter, but still very girly.

I am VERY happy with how the party turned out. Grace had an amazing time and couldn't stop telling us "thank you" the week before the party as we started to set up. It was a REAL party... in our REAL house (basement)... and there were even REAL kids there!! Amazing! ;)

Being that it WAS so real, stuff happens... I forgot to turn the cool light on that came with our ultra outdated bar. I also didn't even think to get bowls for the chili... so 5 mins before the party the hubs had to run to Party City and grab some! Then, the chili, which was in the crock pot, didn't get HOT enough... so it ended up in a bowl and I ran it up to the microwave!! Unlike my typical reaction- on this day I didn't fret about it. :)

LOTS of pics, hope you enjoy! And please note... Some pics are BIG, click on them to make them bigger and easier to see! :)

**Links are below to ALL the vendors I used... if you have ANY questions, feel free to comment here OR e-mail me! **

The invite that started it all... I designed and created it with images from ErinBradleyDesigns

When you came down the stairs... rainbow pennants!
Cubby area (where her toys are housed) for presents

 The "Rain" table for the food... I did all comfort foods- Chili, Mini Mac-n-Cheese, Grilled Cheese Sami's & a Baked Potato Bar with all sorts of toppings! I topped the table off with mini rain clouds and rain drops sprinkled around. I wanted a 3D effect for the clouds that hung, too.

See the "ugly" yellow bowl throwing the table off?! That's the chili that had to be re-heated. LOL. 

Saw these decals on a daily deal site and decide to make my own using the silhouette. 

The tables were all set... centerpieces were rain boots that I got off of a local swap site and they were dressed up with fresh flowers. Silverware was tied with twine and I sprinkled rain drops and mini umbrellas (courtesy of Jenny- Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line). I also made stickers out of the clip art images to make the cups pop. 

The "Rainbow" table... desserts & fruit. 
A friend shared this tutorial and I knew we HAD to do this on the rainbow table. I die cut the clouds with my silhouette machine. Poms were from a daily deal on Very Jane. From the suggestion of my fabulous father, we did those 3D too. SO cute...if you ask me, of course ;)

Cookies from the amazing Sara of Dandy Delights!

Grace's Nana made these amazing rainbow jellos! SO cute!

Nana made these too!

The most AMAZING cake... Krissy from Icing Tops the Cake made this. Not only did is look amazing, but it was DELICIOUS!!!! 

Krissy made these too!!

Other decor: 

 Super cute umbrella from Ten23 Designs

 Cupcake liner #3 wreath with her name on a pennant

Die cut umbrellas on a closet door

 Kiddos names on the back of chairs

 Sign on the mantle

 Mantle in the basement with an adorable banner from The Purple Pug

It is the most gorgeous banner I have ever seen!!

 More decor...

 B-day girls' chair...
 & a name banner from the Pug! 

This adorable chair was MY grandmothers' and I've been begging her for it for YEARS. It was pale pink and I painted it green to go in my kitchen after the party. :)

 Blowing out her candles!

My little family

Happy & super sweet baby girl!

Friends doing crafts: 

SO Happy to be THREE!!

I think it was a smashing success. I got TONS of compliments on the decor, too! Yah!! I wish I could say that I have next years theme picked out- but I think we are gonna take baby girl to Disney and forgo the party! I AM planning my next shindig already though... a Country Fair themed 30th birthday for ME. I have 6.5 mos left to plan... better get to it! ;)

Glitter Name Banner & Name Bunting Banner: The Purple Pug
Cake & Cupcakes: Icing Tops the Cake
Lemon Shortbread Cookies: Dandy Delights
Name/Monogram Umbrella: Ten23 Designs
Tutu, jewelry & Chocolate Covered Popcorn: Leslie's Chocolate Covered Creations
Birthday Hair Bow for Grace: AndJane
Headband for ME: SkylarRaine
Birthday Girl shirt: *golden*
Rain boots: Kohls, from Nana
Leggings: Target
Rainbow Jello: Nana

** Thank you from the BOTTOM of my heart to each and every one of you who helped make baby girls' b-day SO special!! **