Friday, April 26, 2013

{The Doc is IN!} A Doc McStuffins Themed 4th Birthday Party!

I always plan my parties early.... insanely early. I get the idea for the next party usually before the current one has evened happened! So last year, right after the amazing Rainbows & Rain party, baby girl asked for a Princess & Pony 4th Birthday. I wasn't exactly thrilled- there are SO many princess parties, but I figured I could do a spin on it and make it my own. I wanted a real shabby chic look- light pink, aqua, lavender, and yellow. Very pale, roses, lace, and burlap. I was getting more and more used to the idea- and even got excited about it!

Then... baby girl changed her mind. She came to me and asked for a Doc McStuffins party. Her absolute favorite show. And probably the only kiddie show I never get sick of. I tried to change her mind back- I had been having an awesome time collecting ideas for princesses & ponies. And, I SO didn't want to do a character party. So not my thing. But, she wouldn't give in. She had her mind made up- and started telling me all the things she wanted. Pinks, purples, polka dots. She even wanted to dress up like Doc. And I started thinking about how now it needs to be about her. These parties aren't for me anymore- they are for the love of my life. She needs to love the theme so that she is so excited that she can't stand it. And she was!

The whole basement was decked out in pinks, purples and polka dots. Lots of visual interest all over the room. So very FUN!!

I decked the tables out in plastic tablecloths, then cut wrapping paper to make a decorative center. I added paper polka dots and some of the amazing crepe ruffle garland from Craft That Party. I made centerpiece flags with all the characters and used various pink and purple papers- some with glitter. I set up place settings for everyone and created paper band aids for the cups.

I did lots of various size paper lanterns over the "adult" table. I rolled the silverware and tied them with twine.

The food table was decorated similarly .. I decided to use this party as a chance to enter The Purple Pugs contest for a unique way to use curling ribbon. I took jute twine and tied each piece of ribbon, cut in different lengths, along it. I finished it by gluing the twine to the gorgeous crepe ruffle. LOVE. Super easy, and it gave a gorgeous glittery backdrop to the table.

We served brunch, per G's request. French Toast Casserole, Mini Cake Batter Pancakes with toppings to decorate them, fruit with cream cheese/fluff dip, cereal & milk, bacon and sausage. Yummo.

We always seem to use the bar area as our dessert backdrop. I knew I wanted to do something different, but it didn't hit me til about a week before when I started decorating, that I knew what it was! I lined the top of the bar with purple wrapping paper and lots of colored paper polka dots. Then, I used a tissue fringe in light pink to finish it off. Then, it hit me. The bar top looked like Doc's pants. And the fringe, like her skirt. So, what else to do but make the wall look like her shirt! I made the white stripes on her shirt using double sided masking tape and then folded crepe paper. I wasn't thrilled with the lines on the purple backdrop piece but I figured it just made it look even more like Docs shirt, which has a texture to it.

Grace's cake was awesome- taste wise and looks wise! Krissy of Icing Tops the Cake! always makes our cakes. She does a fab job for us! I used pegs from Craft That Party for the toppers, as well as a mini bunting banner with her name that I made and stuck in the cake with two straws. I decorated the cake plate with more of the crepe ruffle and a big band aid with a glittery pink heart in the center. Other desserts included macaroons & marshmallows from Dandy Delights; Shortbread band aid cookies from The Sweetest Thing; & amazing chocolate covered oreos from Love & Sugar Kisses.

We did a couple activities... Pin the band aid on Lambie & Time for your Checkup... We asked each child to bring a toy for a checkup. Part of their favor was a Doc headband and pink stethoscope. They were so excited! Each child had a checklist they had to run down for their toys... check their heart, eyes, temp, etc. They had a great time playing along. 

 Each favor bag had a Big Book of Boo Boos and felt band aids for play. I added band aids to the tags and wrote each childs name on the back. 

Kids also got to take home a mini Doc bag filled with candies. I was thrilled to work with Piggy Bank Parties to create this fabulous favor bag! SO cute!! 

Other decor included a banner with her name, one that said "Happy Birthday" by the dessert area and two more: "The Doc is IN" and "Time for your checkup". I also used mini die cut characters and lined the mantel with them. I decorated the candles on the mantel with more crepe ruffle- gosh I LOVE that stuff. More tissue fringe and then I covered the opening of the fireplace with a table skirt. It looked cute!! 

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek at our party! We cannot believe that our baby girl is FOUR!! Looks for some of the items seen here in my shop, SOON! In the meantime, feel free to browse my Doc McStuffins Inspiration board for more ideas to have your own Doc party!!

A HUGE thanks to all the people who helped make the day fabulous for Grace!! xoxo

Vendor Credits:
Grace as "Doc" Photography: The Camera Chick
Milk jugs, cake plate cling, birthday candles, mini candy cups, purple striped napkins: Shop Sweet Lulu
Felt Band Aids: Dekapo
Doc Headband and Big Book of Boo Boo's (for G): Just a Little Favor Shop
Doc Headbands for kids: Joann's, Flowers from Etsy and glued by me
Big Book of Boo Boo's for kids: Books from Dollar Tree and Glitter Hearts made by me
Doc cast peg dolls: Craft That Party
Crepe Ruffle Garland: Craft That Party
Mini Doctors Bag Favor Boxes: Piggy Bank Parties
Custom polka dotted ruffle capri pants: Marcellas 3 Monkeys
Favor Bags & Tags: The Bakers Confections
Ribbon Necklace Stethoscope: Ross & Rosie Designs
Pink Stethoscopes: Amazon
Chocolate Covered Oreos: Love & Sugar Kisses
Macaroons & Marshmallows: Dandy Delights
Band aid & heart cookies: The Sweetest Thing