Friday, June 25, 2010

Gracie's First Birthday- Cupcake Craze!

I cannot believe that my daughters first birthday has come and (long!) gone!! It makes me sad and happy all at the same time!! I never got around to posting pictures of her big day... so here they are! :)

Banner I made!
Hanging decor...

The cupcake table!

Cupcake toppers that I made!
The party girl awaiting her guests arrival!

My teeny living room all decked out!

Even her highchair had a cupcake and ribbon on it! ;)

More decor; I added ribbons and hanging tags to photos of her throughout the house.

More little toppers, centerpiece of the additional table.

Welcome sign on the front door...

Awesome metal sign that my hubby made as a surprise to both me and Grace!

It was a beautiful day... we enjoyed everyones company, Grace was spolied as usual, and we ALL got to enjoy some delish cuppy cakes!! :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Latest Works of Art!

I have honestly been SO busy!! I wanted to just do a quick update for anyone who may read this... anyone?! Bueller?? Haha.

Here is one of the latest projects, a Giraffe themed diaper cake!

$60 for a three tiered cake with ~100 diapers (depending on the size). I typically like to make it to match their theme or color scheme... if you know the expectant mothers' registry info, I can look it up and buy items off of it to decorate with, a lot like I did here!

In other news... I have a NEW Etsy shop. If you've never been on Etsy, check it out!! And look me up while you're there ;)