Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Latest Works of Art!

I have honestly been SO busy!! I wanted to just do a quick update for anyone who may read this... anyone?! Bueller?? Haha.

Here is one of the latest projects, a Giraffe themed diaper cake!

$60 for a three tiered cake with ~100 diapers (depending on the size). I typically like to make it to match their theme or color scheme... if you know the expectant mothers' registry info, I can look it up and buy items off of it to decorate with, a lot like I did here!

In other news... I have a NEW Etsy shop. If you've never been on Etsy, check it out!! And look me up while you're there ;)


missymarie said...

I totally cannot wait to attend a babyshower so that I can buy one of these from you! I adore them.

Kristin said...

Thank you!!