Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Cards...

Everyone knows I LOVE to make cards... I wish I sent more of my cards out more often. It just seems like I always get orders and get SO busy that my stuff comes last.

Christmas time is NO different. Seems like nowadays everyone sends photo cards, because really, no one sees one another all that often- photo cards are the PERFECT way to let your family and friends see how much you and the kiddies have changed in one year!

I don't ever consider myself as lazy, and I feel like I am *still* being creative, when I chose to make my own holiday cards using a site like Shutterfly. This year, I am loving the Merry Plaid and the With Love Chartreuse cards!! I like the flat cards,  but the folded ones are perfect too! You can personalize each one at home, or have a message printed the same for everyone. What a time saver!

Because I am always on the quest to save some green, I often order cards and prints when I have a code. All you do is sign-up with them, upload your pics, and go to town! They e-mail you with deals often! :) It's perfect!

We are getting one these mugs for someone this year, complete with an adorable pic of Gracie, of course!

Last year I made two wall calendars, one for my mom and one for Kev's mom, of 12 months of Grace pics. FUN! They LOVED them!

So there ya have it... it's settled. Ordering photo cards this year, for sure! What about you?? Which card is YOUR fav?

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