Friday, December 31, 2010

As 2010 comes to a close...

I could say SO much about 2010. It was a horrible year, and a fabulous year at the same time.

My business has grown SO much thanks to the internet & referrals from friends and family. I have two wedding invite orders for 2011, plus one that I am helping my wonderful friend Sarah with. I have bridal shower invite orders, and a fabulous "It's fun to BEE two" party to plan for my own little lady. I'm in the works with some local ladies for a fabulous giveaway, and I now have over 220 FB fans!

I'm SO blessed to be able to do what I love... this invite and party planning business is what I have dreamed of my ENTIRE life.

I look forward to learning SO much more in 2011 from all the fabulous NEW friends I've made thru Children's Party Network, too.

Thanks for helping the newbie, ladies. You are ALL a wonderful inspiration! :)

I'll be back MORE in 2011, lots more posts... and even some tutorials on fun and easy DIY items!

Stay tuned... happy stampin'!

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