Sunday, February 24, 2013

1600 FB Fans, 800 Etsy Sales & a Giveaway!!

** Giveaway CLOSED **
Winner is: Comment #3, Jenni!

Hey y'all!!

I am SO excited to be able to blog today about my awesome Etsy success. I have been SO blessed over the last year.

Last April I hit 100 Etsy sales and was THRILLED. I never imagined in 9 short months that I would have that number hit 800!! It's a pretty sure thing that I will hit 1000 sales this year and just you wait- I will do a HUGE giveaway for that!!

For now, I am giving away THIS:
This is a brand {NEW} Stampin' Up! Wooden Block Stamp set; Patterned Occasions. This set is a Sale-a-Bration special, which means it cannot be purchased from the regular catalog! Lucky you!

Of course, I LOVE to stamp, so wouldn't it make sense that this would be what I would giveaway?!

Hope you will enjoy the stamping experience as much as *I* do... If you have never stamped before & don't own any ink, LMK and I will throw in a mini black ink for you! :)

All you have to do to enter is comment on this post and tell me what stamp you like the best from the set above and/or what you may use them for! HINT: {That lil bandaid stamp will be making an appearance at G's b-day in April!! } PLEASE- Leave your e-mail address in the comment so I can contact you!!

Thank you ALL for being awesome fans & friends!!


** Giveaway is NOT affiliated with Facebook in ANY way. Giveaway does NOT require you to "like" my status in regards to this post. Giveaway will close on Monday at 9pm EST time. A winner will be choosen randomly thru Winner must contact me back within 72 hours or another winner will be choosen. **


Zkhan said...

I would like the tea cup stamp..would definitely use it for my daughters future tea parties or even valentine favors.

ldholmes said...

The cupcake!!!!

JG2424 said...

Bandaid ;)

ericarose said...

I love this stamp set! my favorite is the elephant! I think i could use for thank yous and also mask off the thank you and use for many other cards!!!

Wanda Loubriel said...

L O V E !!!! I have never stamped except when I was very young with those fun little stamp sets !!! and yours are OH so cute !!! I like them ALL but would Like to use the Bandaid for all who needs a word of "getting better" ...or maybe the Stamp so everyone can have TOns of fun... or maybe... Ayyyyy so hard to choose !!! they are all SOOO cute !! again : L O V E !!!

Anonymous said...

The be used for everything Ellie!

Cineca Newburn said...

A very big congrats & I love the Cup Of Latte stamp :) xo

Anonymous said...

Elephant stamp is adorable :). Having a zoo themed party for my 3 year old, how cute to use it for his thank you notes :).

Jennifer Bachman said...

I would love to use the happy birthday and the thank you stamp. I moved away from home in june, and I love writing letters and sending cards to people back home. These stamps would look cute with them!

Jennifer Bachman said...

Dayana, Bella Lu Designs said...

I am loving that cupcake! I don't have any stamps and haven't got into stamping yet, but I can totally see that being used for every occasion! Who doesn't like cupcakes, right? Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine's day, Christmas! The possibilities are endless :)
PS. Thank you for the extra glitter thrown my way!

kzc6fn said...

I love the cupcake and have several birthday card ideas this would be a perfect fit for

Tiffany said...

Hi Kristin !

I love the Bandaid !!!

I can't wait to work with you on my briday shower stuff this coming MAY !!!

Tiffany said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shannau said...

Love the bandaid one!! 2 of my little girls LOVE to make cards- they love making broken hearts and putting bandaids in the middle and doing get better soon cards with bandaids healing whatever part hurts. The grandparents love this little touch. shanna.u at gmail dot com

Julie D. said...

I don't think it will shock you at all, but the whole latte love is by far my favorite!! :)

Anonymous said...

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