Sunday, January 13, 2008

Time Well Spent Swap

I received my swap cards this week... & one special card gave me some fabulous inspiration for Christmas in July.

I plan to organize a whole weekend full of card making, gift card holders, bows, tags, gift bags, and more. All the things you'll need to wrap, dress, and mail for Christmas!

The reason beyond doing it in July is 1)time... close to the holidays everyone gets so busy. Getting it done early will not only guarentee that it gets done, but it will give you so much MORE time doing other things come December!! & 2) Because our next catalog appears in July. This means LOTS of new items, all the stuff you'll need for Christmas card making supplies, etc.

Stay tuned for more details as July gets closer... be sure to keep this in mind!! :)

Without further ado... Here is the gift card holder I received from the sawp!! The person who made it enclosed a 2oo8 calendar instead of a card!


Sarah said...

These are so cute

Conner Coaching said...

Hi, these are wonderful, not only do I love all things financial, but also all things crafty. I will definitely have to purchase one of these in the very near future...check out my blog..