Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday!!

Today I'm sharing a couple of the MANY cards I've been making for birthday's this month.

The first one is for Addy, my best friends' little girl. She turned one on the 13th... I can hardly believe it!!

I wanted something really bright, and fun. And, I wanted to try out a challenge from Nichole Heady @ Papertrey Ink of making ribbon the focal point of a card.

For those that DON'T know it... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ribbon!!! I almost called myself Ribbon Fanatic when I was coming up with a name. I'm obsessed with everything about it and VERY rarely do I make a card that doesn't have SOME kind of ribbon. I love that ribbon doesn't have to be overly girly- but it can really dress a card up.

The second card was for Steve- he's one of Kevin's best friends and he was in our wedding. His birthday was the 14th. Steve is a very punk rock type of guy- long, messy hair, doesn't dress up (EVER!) and loves shirts that say things like "I love beer"... gotta love him!! He's also the lead singer of the band St. Thomas Boys Academy (punk rock, of course!). I wanted to make him something that really reflected his personality. I think this did the trick!

I have one more card that I *so* wish I could share, but Jenny's birthday is on Sunday, so it has to wait until I know she's received it. I'm sooo excited for her to see it! I really hope she loves it!

I'm off to make a couple more cards for this week as well... Jackie's b-day is tomorrow (HUGE party on Saturday) and Katrina's is the 3rd of May.

Yes- all three of my very best friends are born within a week of one another! They are all Taurus- another reason why I think we all get along so well & yes- they all can be pretty stubborn in their own right. LOVE that about them!!

Off to do more of my best work for my best gals... catch ya later!

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ThE TX BrOwNS said...

I loved Addy's card! Well done.