Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ok, seriously...

This might be *the* most exciting day of my stamping life!!

I got a comment on my last post about my card from Patti( who said she had stumbled to my blog from Allison's blog (

Let's just say, I visit Allison's blog a lot. And... I get lots of inspiration from the Newly Discovered blogs she posts... And today, MINE was one of them!!!!

I am still in complete shock... of course I told Kevin and jumped up and down a bit. Haha... so like me! He kind of looked at me like, "yeah, whatever crazy lady"- but really, it's SUCH a huge deal to me. To know that *I* am noticed out there, crazy!!!

So... for any of you that are new, WELCOME!! I appreciate everyone that takes the time to comment on my blog. Enjoy!! :)


1 comment:

Pearl said...

Hi I just discovered your blog via Allison's !

Loved looking at your card creations !