Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stamp Club

Just wanted to see if anyone has an interest in doing a stamp club...

We can come up with what to make-n-take together. I was thinking of running it for 6 months, meeting 3 times every other month. I know most of us are VERY busy with our day-to-day, but this may FORCE us to

1) get together
2) use the stuff we currently have sitting in the back of our closets
3) learn new techniques
4) have a chance to purchase NEW things!

I wanted to start in November since this is the perfect time to do any holiday projects. Then again in January and once more in March.

Let me know what you think. There would be a "fee" for the club- either a minimum purchase each time (3 times total) or a total minimum purchase or just a flat rate (and you'd have to commit to the 6 months ahead of time).

Oh yes... I will be back later (hopefully) with more new things! I'm still waiting for that order. Kevin guessed yesterday, I guessed tomorrow. We shall see who is right. And... what should I get if I *am* correct?!

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